TIMAC AGRO is an industrial company specializing in soil improvers, plant and animal nutrition.

For almost 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and zootechnical solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally-friendly way.

1.6 bn
euros in turnover
5 700
2 400

Our unique business model

Because you need support and guidance to improve your yields, our network of experts in plant and animal nutrition covers the entire country to respond effectively to your problems.

20 000
farmers visited each day

Our solutions

Our fertilizer solutions are based on seaweed and other plant extracts, which have a dual function: stimulating the performance of the fertilizers and improving plant growth and quality.

production units

Our industrial flexibility

To meet your expectations of responsiveness, we have chosen to establish our factories in close proximity to your farms. Added benefit: optimised logistics and greater cost-effectiveness for your business!

5 000 m2
dedicated to R&D

Our innovation

We all share the same outlook: moving farming forward in a sustainable way, while respecting the environment. This commitment is what drives us to constantly innovate in order to provide you with the most high-performance solutions.

Our industrial location

Présence commerciale Présence industrielle

Our history



Timac Agro USA partners with Laing Gro, located in Eden, New York. Sales expand into Ohio and Indiana, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wyoming. Manufacturing begins in the United States for Maxifruit.


Launch of new products & new partners

Launch of additional high efficiency granulars and patented liquid formulas begins in the United States: Fertiactyl ST; Sulfammo. TIMAC AGRO USA partners with Circle R, located in Springerton, Illinois.


TIMAC AGRO USA expansion

New Turf & Ornamental Division launches in Florida to serve golf courses, sod growers and commercial and residential lawn care providers. The expansion of the office building allows the expansion of TIMAC AGRO USA’s administrative functions. TIMAC AGRO USA partners with A&E Ag, located in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Manufacturing & Sales expand

Manufacturing of additional patented liquid formulas and fertilizer additives begins in United States: Fertiactyl Starter; Fertileader Vital; Fertiactyl Corn; Fertileader Kaleo; Sales expand to new Great Lakes Business Unit, including Michigan and Wisconsin.


Crop Enhancer Plant opens in November

Manufacturing of high efficiency patented liquid formulas and fertilizer additives begins in the United States: Fertiactyl GZ; Fertileader Axis; Fertileader Elite; Fertileader Gold; Duo Maxx; Excelis Maxx; NutriRhize. Sales expand to new Virginias Business Unit, including Virginia and West Virginia.


Creation of the Centre Mondial de l'Innovation

A strong commitment to an innovation policy that will enhance effective and sustainable agriculture, with the creation of the CMI within the Groupe Roullier in Saint-Malo.


New Business Unit

Plans are made to build a new patented liquid formula manufacturing facility. Sales forces in North Carolina and South Carolina split from the Southeast Business Unit to form their own Carolinas Business Unit.


Sales expand

Sales expand to new Midwest Business Unit, including North Dakota, Kansas and Missouri.



Sales begin in Pennsylvania and New York. It expand to new Southeast Business Unit, including Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Timac Agro USA purchases fertilizer facility and begins construction on new dry fertilizer facility. Manufacturing begins in the US for KSC, a water-soluble fertilizer.



Creation of TIMAC AGRO. By adopting a new name and a new graphic identity to all subsidiaries. The agrosupply branch gives itself the means to assert its ambition of international development, and to reinforce its image of specialist in Animal and Plant Nutrition.



Creation of CERA (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Appliquées – Centre for Applied Studies and Research). Based in France, in Dinard, the CERA embodies TIMAC AGRO’s desire to bring together all skills in industrial process research to benefit its agents on the ground and enhance synergies between teams.



TIMAC AGRO USA acquires Moyer & Son and leases the fertilizer facility.


Launch in Brazil

Implantation in Brazil via the acquisition of a fertilizer factory in Rio Grande, which has become the company’s biggest granulation unit.


Moyer & Son Fertilizers

Reading Bone-Agway is bought by Moyer & Son Fertilizers.



The launch of the biostimulant ranges.


Reading Bone Fertilizer

Reading Bone Fertilizer Company is purchased by Agway, becoming Reading Bone-Agway. Agway leases fertilizer facility.


The 1st granulation factory

Construction of the first granulation factory in Saint-Malo (Brittany, France).


Phosphate and Potassium

After feeding the soil, TIMAC AGRO turn their interest to feeding plants, because in the long-term phosphate is essential to solidify the plant.


The Technical Sales Agents

The Groupe combines maerl with GAFSA phosphate, whose qualities make it the best phosphate in the world for direct application. At the same time, it accelerates its commercial development in France by recruiting Technical Sales Representatives who visit farmers on behalf of the distribution team.


Creation of TIMAC

Daniel Roullier created the Industrial Processing of Maerl for Soil Enrichment (TIMAC), whose main activity was focused on soil improvers - the first facility for grinding maerl, whose distinct qualities make it the best enrichment agent for acidic soils. TIMAC is the founding company of the Groupe Roullier.


Reading Bone fertilizers

Reading Bone fertilizers could be purchased in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and all New England states.


Construction of the plant

On March 8th, Reading Bone Fertilizer Company was incorporated for manufacturing and selling fertilizer. Construction of the plant was completed in the fall of 1905.

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Our Values


We all share the same state of mind: to advance sustainable agriculture with respect for the environment. A commitment that drives us to innovate more and more to bring you the most effective solutions.


Because you always need advice to improve your yields, our network of experts in plant and animal nutrition covers the entire territory to respond effectively to your agronomic issues.


Our fertilization solutions, are from algae or other plants extracts, which bring a double action: the stimulation of the fertilizers performance and the improving of the plant growth and quality.


To meet your expectation of responsiveness, we have chosen to set up our factories as close to your operations as possible. The key: optimized logistics and more profitability for your business!